The Gašper company is a family business that has dedicated its mission to a single goal - to live in harmony with wood for 50 years!

That means 50 years of experience, 50 years of technological development, 50 years of improvements.

For wooden windows and doors, we use high-quality wood from Pohorje forests and the slopes of Pohorje, as well as indigenous areas in various parts of the world.

The latest Gašper WINDOWS and DOORS are a result we are really proud of.

The business area of the Gašper family company includes wood processing, production of semi-finished products from wood and production of joinery. These are high-quality windows and entrance doors made of various materials.

It's time we convince you too!
The company Gašper generates 50% of its turnover abroad, mostly in the German-speaking area and in the markets of the former Yugoslavia.

Two years ago, we invested a lot of effort and our own funds in updating the most modern technology for processing wood, which allows us to be flexible and can fulfill our customers' every wish.

The family company Gašper has obtained all the necessary certificates, is a member of the Wood Industry Cluster and the international Wood Industry Cluster and the proHolz initiative.

Gašper marketing is on the list of producers of external joinery furniture of the EKO fund, and therefore we enable citizens to obtain a subsidy from the EKO fund of up to 25% of the order value.

Gašper wooden WINDOWS are distinguished by:
  • Greater stability than before, which is made possible by multi-layer glued wood
  • Low energy properties (ECO fund)
  • Thermal and sound insulation and safety
  • 10-year paint warranty options
  • Rounded window lines – better application of paint and thus better durability
  • Choice of different colors outside and inside
  • Permanent elastic putty (outside and inside)
  • VHBE Window Hardware Serviceability Directive - Click here to download
  • ALU drip slats with interrupted thermal bridge

When the facade is refreshed, also refresh the wood on the windows.

Aluminium-Wood WINDOWS Gašper are distinguished by:
  • Aluminum mask that has INVISIBLE welded corner joints on the outside of the window (also possible in rich RAL colors)
  • Maximum heat and sound insulation and safety
  • Ecological wood protection with the option of a 10-year warranty
  • Greater structural stability than in the past, which is made possible by multi-layer glued wood Choice of different colors outside and inside
  • Permanent elastic putty on the outside and inside
  • Modern look and durable material on the outside, and nature and human-friendly material on the inside

Vhodna VRATA Gašper se odlikujejo po:
  • The outer surface of the door, which can be clad in aluminum, is therefore practically eliminated from the maintenance of the entrance door
  • Very good thermal insulation of the door, possible design of the door for passive or low-energy houses
  • A construction with reinforcements that prevents the wing from twisting
  • Serially integrated stainless drip profile - protection against impacts and water drainage
  • Simple door position adjustments
  • The optimal ratio between the price and the built-in materials
  • A large selection of glass: decorative glass, sandblasted glass, fused glass, stained glass glass, soundproof glass, safety glass, anti-burglary glass...

The Gašper family company is a member of the Wood Industry Cluster, the proHolz initiative and has acquired certificates.